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VELUX ZIL Insect Screen

VELUX ZIL Insect Screen
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VELUX ZIL Insect Screens. Manual operation, the ZIL screen can adjusted to any up/down position.

VELUX ZIL Insect screens are mounted on the slopped ceiling and not on the window frame. You therefore need to measure the width and height of your window opening to get an insect screen in the correct size. When installing two insect screens in window openings with a vertical wall or the hole is over 2.4m in height, the ZOZ 157SWL installation kit is required.

VELUX insect screen is made from only the best materials. It comes with a hard-wearing fibre-glass fabric, which runs on white side rails made from anodised aluminium. The screen comes in a contemporary white design, fitting perfectly with VELUX roof windows. The insect screen cloth is made of a barely visible, transparent material. This means not only an insect-free room, but also an unobstructed view.

It’s important to measure your window correctly to be able to choose the right insect screen size and to note that the size code of the insect screen may be different from the size code of the roof window. To find the right insect screen size, measure the aperture width and height where the insect screen is to be installed, and then use these measures to find the right size code of your insect screen.

*Please note: Insect screens are not suitable for VELUX Studio roof windows (GGLS WK06)

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VELUX ZIL Insect Screen

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  • bko4-0000swl BK04 W 0-418mm H > 1600mm£77.87 £123.60
  • ck06-0000swl CK06 W 439-530mm H > 2000mm£86.18 £136.80
  • ck02-0000swl CK02 W 439-530mm H > 1600mm£72.58 £115.20
  • fk08-0000swl FK08 W 531-640mm H > 2400mm£96.01 £152.40
  • mk06-0000swl MK06 W 641-760mm H > 2000mm£96.01 £152.40
  • mk10-0000swl MK10 W 641-760mm H > 2400mm£114.91 £182.40
  • pk06-0000swl PK06 W 761-922mm H > 2000mm£105.08 £166.80
  • pk25-0000swl PK25 W 761-922mm H > 1600mm£117.18 £186.00
  • pk10-0000swl PK10 W 761-922mm H > 2400mm£121.72 £193.20
  • sk06-0000swl SK06 W 923-1120mm H > 2000mm£119.45 £189.60
  • sk10-0000swl SK10 W 923-1120mm H > 2400mm£138.35 £219.60
  • uk08-0000swl UK08 W 1121-1285mm H > 2400mm£147.42 £234.00
  • uk04-0000swl UK04 W 1121-1285mm H > 1600mm£122.47 £194.40

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Help & Useful Information

How do I find which Window Type I have?

VELUX Type Signs (Data plate) explained

Every VELUX roof window carries a unique Type Sign that details the type and size of the window. In most cases the Type Sign is located at the top right-hand of the sash, behind the control bar.

Type Signs differ in appearance depending on the model of your VELUX window. Please identify and select the version of Type Sign on your window from the illustrations below:

Step 1 - Locating the type sign.

In most cases the Type Sign is located at the top right-hand of the sash, behind the control bar.

Locating the Velux Type Sign

Step 2 - Finding the codes.

Depending on the year your window was produced you'll find one of the type signs listed below.

Roof Windows delivered after 01 April 2001 can be recognised by a grey coloured type sign with the type being three letters (e.g. GGL) and a size code made up of one letter combined with two numbers (e.g. GGL-M08)
Find code in pre 1991 windows

Roof Windows delivered from 01 April 1991 to 01 April 2001 can be recognised by a golden type sign with the type being three letters (e.g. GGL) and a size code made up of three numbers (e.g. GGL 308)

Roof Windows delivered before 01 April 1991 can be recognised by a silver sign with the type being three letters (e.g. GHL) and size code made up of a numbers 1 - 14 (e.g. GHL 2)